Forex Trading Course with Robots on Udemy

Online forex courses are quite useful for learning how to do forex trades or to get better in trading. Udemy is one of the best platforms to get educated this way.

If you are interested in automating your forex trades by using forex robots, there is an awesome course on Udemy. You can use this course to learn how do robots work and how can you use them.

Forex Trading Course, New Forex Robots Each Month

If you are doing everything manually, forex trading can cause you stuck in front of your computer a lot. But with automation, you can increase your profit and make more free time for yourself. Petko Aleksandrov teaches you how to do this through his course.

The instructor, Petko Aleksandrov is an experienced forex trader with over a decade in the market. He already taught thousands of traders. During his Forex trading course on Udemy, Aleksandrov shares the things he has learned over the years with experimenting himself. So, he can save your time by giving you what you need.

Through this course you will learn why using the Historical data from your broker is so important, use the collections to filter the best strategies, how to collect and update the Historical data from your broker, generate strategies on a one-time frame, generate strategies on using longer time frames to follow the trend, convert one Forex strategy on different time frame strategy, how to do the whole process automatically and spend less time on each strategy, and you will know how to avoid over-optimization in the Expert Advisors.

One of the best features of this course is that the instructor will provide you with recent forex trading strategies he developed. Even after the course, you will have access to the course content. So you can get the new strategies that the instructor updates each month.

In total, the course curriculum includes 33 lectures. These compact lectures make a bit more than 4 hours of watch time in total. So you can refresh your memories with multiple watches through when you need it in the future easily.

The titles of the sections that you will see in the content of the course can be listed as below.

  • Intro – 2 lectures / 5min
  • Historical Data – 2 lectures / 23min
  • Generator – 3 lectures / 18min
  • Collection – 2 lectures / 7min
  • Optimization – 4 lectures / 1hr 2min
  • The Reactor – 3 lectures / 19min
  • What we do after the strategy is created – 4 lectures / 18min
  • Testing the strategies – 4 lectures / 16min
  • Conclusion: Practical activity with 12 Expert Advisors – 1 lecture / 6min
  • Updates in EA Studio and FSB Pro – 7 lectures / 1hr 11min
  • Bonus – 1 lecture / 1min


Forex trading course: Get new 12 Forex Robots every month

Visit Udemy to get Petko Aleksandrov’s “Forex trading course” course, with 12 Forex Robots every month.