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Advanced Fundamental Analysis Forex Trading Course on Udemy

Advanced Fundamental Analysis Forex Trading Course

Advanced Fundamental Analysis

If you are not happy with your trading analysis skills or you want to improve your ability to predict market movements, you may need to learn some advanced analysis methods. In this article, you will find brief information about the Advanced Fundamental Analysis course that we want you to review for this purpose.

One of the best ways to learn such skills is to use online forex courses. One such course that you can use is the “Advanced Fundamental Analysis Forex Trading” course on Udemy, which is one of the best online learning platforms.

Forex Trading – Advanced Fundamental Analysis

If you need to learn how to understand market moves, interpret financial news, and do Fundamental Analysis to make a trading strategy, you should develop advanced skills in fundamental analysis.

Thomas King, an experienced forex trader, and forex analyst created a course that you can buy for this goal. This course will help you in understanding the market and making predictions about what will happen soon. So you can make investments accordingly and get profits.

Through the course, Mr. King shares his own strategies and methods he uses for analyzing the market. You will learn where you should look for the information you can use. And in the end, you will be able to interpret this information properly. You will also get many tips that can make a huge difference in your forex portfolio.

The course content will teach you the ways of filtering out useful financial news, making interpretations out of this information, and of course, using these interpretations in your trades.

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Course Content

Also, if you do not like to spend much time with such courses, you will like this course. Because this course is not wasting your time unnecessarily. It gets into the topic quickly and teaches you the fundamentals quickly. You can complete the 49 lectures in the course in under 3 hours in total.

The titles of the sections that you will see in the content of the course can be listed below.

  • Introduction to fundamental analysis – 6 lectures / 23min
  • Inter-market Analysis – 5 lectures / 15min
  • Central Banks – 4 lectures / 18min
  • Economic Cycles – 5 lectures / 13min
  • Economic Indicators – 7 lectures / 16min
  • Understanding Central banks – 5 lectures / 16min
  • Sentiment – 14 lectures / 35min
  • Wrap Up – 3 lectures / 9min


Forex Trading – Advanced Fundamental Analysis

Visit Udemy to get “Forex Trading – Advanced Fundamental Analysis” course.