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Free Forex Trading Course For Beginners on Udemy

Free Forex Trading Course For Beginners

Free Forex Trading Course

Wouldn’t it be nice if there is a free forex trading course for beginners? We have good news for you; There really are courses just the way you want them. When you want to begin forex trading, you should first take your time for learning the basics and how to do the basics. For learning these fundamentals, online forex courses are seriously helpful.

But if you are not committed enough yet to spend your money on such courses, you may not want to buy a course right away. Fortunately, there are some free forex trading courses you can use too. One of these courses is the Forex Trading For Beginners course which is available on Udemy for free.

Free Forex Trading Course For Beginners

This free forex trading course is prepared by Luciano Kelly who is a forex trading expert. Luciano has been working with forex almost all his life. Through this course, he is sharing his experience with his students.

Mr. Kelly shows you how forex trading can improve your life quality and how different it is compared to traditional income sources. He starts by explaining the basics of forex trading. You will learn how the forex market works and how you can make trades yourself. He also teaches how you can use analytics and read common reporting formats such as Japanese candlesticks.

What Will You Learn?

Through this course, you will learn;
— how you can earn money trading forex,
— how to place a trade on the forex market,
— learn that trend lines act as levels of support and resistance,
— understand how to trade the forex market,
— learn how to trade trend line breaks and bounces,
— learn how to trade Japanese candlesticks,
— understand what are Japanese candlesticks,
— learn that Japanese candlesticks often indicate potential turning points in the market,
— learn how to identify the various types of Japanese candlesticks,
— and understand the significance of trend lines.

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Content of the Free Forex Trading Course

The course is divided into 4 main sections with 22 videos in total. These 4 sections that you will see in the content of the course can be listed as below.

  • What Is Forex – 10 lectures / 44min
  • Japanese Candlesticks – 4 lectures / 23min
  • Trend Line – 5 lectures / 26min
  • Trading With Indicators – 3 lectures / 15min

There is also a bonus section for special discounts.

Forex Trading For Beginners

Visit Udemy to get “Forex Trading For Beginners” course for free.


VIDEO: Free Forex Trading Course For Beginners