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About Website

Our website is designed for beginners rather than professionals working in the forex business. Beginners who want to learn about the Forex business will benefit most from this site.

Here you will find both introductory information about forex and get to know other courses for beginners.

Since we are writing for Forex beginners and those considering getting started, we care about using an easy-to-understand language. We also tried to explain the forex terms and related concepts that beginners should know.

We have divided the articles on the site into groups for easy understanding:

In the “Forex Courses” section, you will get to know the paid forex courses and forex learning communities.

In the “Free Courses” category, we tried to introduce forex courses that you can learn at no cost.

In the “Online Courses” or “Online Forex Courses” section, we offer you the resources where you can get the starting information you need about forex from the internet. Specifically, you can learn about selected Udemy courses here.

The “Forex Books” category is a section that introduces important books that everyone new to forex should read. The links where you can buy the books introduced in this section online are also included in the introduction articles.

The “Blog” section is dedicated to articles that are not limited to the topics of other sections. Here you can find information about forex terms and related concepts.


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